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Jan 11, 2010 6:30pm EST
for gradual fiscal restraint. on the spending de, slowing the growth of soal security and medicare spending is sential. if, instead, the president as us to ratifyhe spending binge of the past dede, a broad- based taincrease will be nessary, with consequences for our living standards. therare no other choices. let's hope the congress ks the presidt which one he wants us to consider. m glenn hubbard. >> tom: that's "nightly buness reportfor monday, january 11. i'm tom huds, goodnight everyone and goodnight to yo too, susie. >> susie: good night, to i'm sie gharib. goodght everyone, we'll see all of you again tomorrow nit. "nightly busins report" is de possible by: this program was me possible by contributions to yourbs station from viewers likyou. thank yo captioning sponsored by wpbt captioned by media access gup at wgbh >> we are pbs.
Jan 12, 2010 12:30am EST
. on the spendg side, slowing the growth osocial security and medicare spending essential. if, instead, the preside asks us to rafy the spending binge of the pasdecade, a broad- basetax increase will be necessary, with consequencesor our living standards ere are no other choices. let's hope the congrs asks the prident which one he wants us to consider. i'm glenn hubbard. >> tom: that's "nightlbusiness rert" for monday, january 11. i'm tom dson, goodnight everyone and goodnight tyou too, susie. >> susie: good night, tom. i'm sue gharib. goodnit everyone, we'll see l of you again tomorrow nigh "nightly businesreport" is ma possible by: this program was madpossible by contrutions to your pbs station om viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by bt captioneby media acce group at wgbh >> we are pbs.
Jan 7, 2010 6:30pm EST
.o. here. because so many of his paties are uninsured, community memorial gets ditional money unr medicare. >> it ounts to about 1.8 llion a year to our bottom line. and our bottom linright now is breaeven. >> reporter: but that math cld change once heth care reform tas effect. congress is planng to cut hospal payments for uninsured patients, because thgoal of health care rerm is to make su most americans are insured. the probleis the cuts would begin in next year. the expanded insuranceoverage up to ree years later. ich is why burnette is lobbying washington. >> we need to ke sure that if you argoing to cut reimbursement, that the yments where people are goi to start having insurance arehere first. don't do onend then bring the other one in, because we mayot be here by the time people he insurance. >> reporter: comnity memorial hethcenter is not only a crical health care provider, its also one of the largest employers in south central virginia. that combination gives ts hospital and others ke it acro the country political clout. using that clout is rich umbdenstock's job. heeads up the a
Jan 21, 2010 12:30am EST
're going to cut half a trillion from medicare, wee going to affect terans care. i think we can do better. >> rorter: in an interview with abc new the president said iwas time to come together around the elemts of health care reform pple can agree on. but white house spokesman robert gibbs would not say exactly what tt meant. >> the are a lot of paths forward and 'll get an opportunity in the coming hos and ys to know exactly what at path is. >> repter: it's not just health care,he path forward on controversial issues lik climate change n seems blocd. even many democrs are agreeing with republican sttegist david winston that if they d't focus on jobs, they might not ke eirs. >> if mocrats can lose in massachuses, they can pretty much lose anywhere and would suest that probably every mocrat is nervous right now. >> rorter: for a year, democratic leaders he argued voters wou punish them if they tried, but fled to pass health careeform. now the president and his pay will havto decide if that's ill true. darren gersh, "nightly biness report washington. >> susie: my guest tonig says a health c
Jan 26, 2010 6:30pm EST
spending. untouched would beefense spending, social secury, medicare, and dicaid. the ve could save $250 billion, but iwould hardly dent a projected $6 illion deficit ov the next decade. >> it would be a step the right diction, but a small step. >> rorter: evan bayh and john mccainant to freeze earmarks, crte a deficit reduction acunt, and give the president a line-item veto. senator bayh hopes t move could change voter minds about govement. >> we have to stand wi those who are paying the bls and showhat the government can discipline itseland make the difficult decisions,ust as families and businses have to do eh and every day. >> rorter: but it's a difficult cision for lawmaks, too. putting the tion's fiscal use in order collides with plans to stimulate the ecomy and eate jobs. nator kent contrad says reducing the dicit requires tough choices one wants to ma now. >> iwe look back to the lessons of the great dression, in 1937 they triedprematurely, to rein inhe deficit, and employment exploded. we don't want to repeathat exercise. but we do ha a need to come up with a plan toeal with o
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)